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France - Parade by Falun Gong practitioners in Paris

[02/01/2004] During the Chinese new years festival in Paris, Falun Gong Practitioners also organized a parade. It is remarkable that this is the first time in Europe that the Falun-Emblem was shown this big in public, without anyone complaining about it. The Falun-Emblem is characterized by the use of the Buddhist swastika symbol.

At the end of the march, the people are carrying pictures of Falun Gong practioners who died for their belief in practicing Falun Gong in China. After 7 years of support Jiang Zemin, the previous president of the Chinese Government got jealous and banned this qi-gong school.

For more information about the persecution see:
faluninfo.net - Falun Dafa Information Center
bjtj.org - Bring Jiang To Justice

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