Aztec School Shooting: Any Hope For Reclaiming Swastika?

In a blood chilling incident in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a gunman coerced himself into performing this gruesome act of attacking school children and shooting two of them dead. Authorities had found no traces of alcohol or drugs in his system which leads to question the hidden purpose behind this act. There were proper indications that the accused, who shot himself later, had not targeted any specific student or group of students as he was seen wandering up and down the hall firing in random classrooms and computer labs. This fact eliminated the existence of any intention of violence forced upon white supremacy associated with the act.

But a shocking observation brought light to the Swastika Symbol which was etched on his upper left thigh made everyone question if this incident has any connections whatsoever to Neo-Nazi culture and fascism.

What Is The Swastika Symbol?

“Swastika Symbol”

The Swastika symbol was originally known as a symbol of freedom. Its provenance can be traced far back even before the World War 2 where the concept of Nazi Germany was born. People, nowadays, have the strong misconception of relating Swastika with Nazi Germany.

Over the years, as we learnt about the World War 2 getting its title as a tragic historical event, somewhere along the line we lost the true identity of the Swastika symbol.

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Existence Of Swastika Symbol

Although the Swastika symbol has been quite prominent in the United States, Germany, on the other hand, has totally forbidden the public display of Swastika in accordance to all the other symbols that dignify Nazi Germany. It is saddening to see such a beautiful word with a true meaning of freedom and good luck be associated with something that would change its identity forever.

How The Aztec School Gun Violence Supports The Idiosyncrasy?

“Azted High”

The gun violence at the Aztec School supports the overall mindset of the population who strongly admonish the belief that maybe the accused was involved or inspired by the upcoming Neo Nazi Culture in the States. There are no such evidence supporting this fact and also the suicide of the accused does not help matters any.

The sole reason for this violence might be that the accused was heavily perturbed and hated everything and everyone. Also adding the increase of gun epidemic in the states made a contribution to this event. But the initial mindset of the people still accentuates on the existence and formation of a Nazi society that promotes fascism, dictatorship and sadism.

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So This Is Something To Ponder On: Do We Have Any Hope For Reclaiming Swastika?

We can revive the original ideology of the Swastika Symbol by educating the society about it. Various seminars and lectures can be held on this clarifying the actual history, origin and existence of Swastika and how the after era of Nazi Germany has diverted things towards a completely different sense. Documentaries and short films through web journalism is a viable means of apprising the public.

There should be a chapter on the Swastika symbol depicting its history, origin and existence in school textbooks thus educating people from an early stage so they don’t confuse the Swastika Symbol with the Nazi. Small efforts like this could certainly bring a change in the society and thus reinitiating the lost hope.