Using The Swastik After WWII: The Pride Of Eastern Cultures

‘The Nazis have swastika. A cross crying on the sides’

People know about the swastik symbol, but they never try to find out the history behind it. We have seen it in the temples, outside Indian homes and even in their major festivals.  However, many people across the globe see it as a symbol of repulsion because it reminds them of genocide and bigotry.

Why did the swastika symbol come into existence? It was known as an Aryan identity and also a nationalist pride for Germans. This is precisely why the Nazi Party adopted the swastik symbol or the hooked cross (German).

But that was not the start of it. The swastika symbol came into existence thousands of years before the Nazis made it their symbol! Even today, people in India consider it as a sacred symbol! Whenever they decorate the floor with rangoli colours, the swastika is made with beautiful range of colours. Here’s a post that talks about the usage of Swastik after the World War II. Let us straight cut to the chase!

What Does ‘SWASTIKA’ Mean?

Swastika is a Sanskrit word and it simply means ‘making of goodness’. It could also mean the marker of goodness. There are three Sanskrit words in this one word – su, asti and ka. In Hinduism, Swastik was considered as a pure and religious symbol.

Since it had a positive significance, the Hindus used the symbol for auspicious occasions. Even today, the Hindus use the symbol in their temples and even decorating their homes.

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Breaking Away From The Evil

The world started to repel from the swastika symbol after Adolf Hitler used it as a symbol for their flag. It brings back the saddening memories of that period. The reason why Adolf Hitler used it in their flag was simply because of its racial purity.

Hindus still believe that swastika is the purest symbol

Although it was considered a symbol for evil deeds after Adolf Hitler used it, Hindus still believe that it is the purest symbol. This is not just a geometrical figure, but a sign of spirituality and divinity.

India is a religious nation, and they have a number of symbols which hold a major importance in their culture.

It is possible that you get outraged by seeing the swastik symbol around you, but the Indians consider it a symbol of purity. It is painted on the doorways of homes, temples and even in new buildings. When a new baby is born or a brand-new car comes home, people make a swastik symbol on the car and before the baby enters the home.

A Pride For Eastern Culture

There are many religions which consider swastik as a sacred symbol. Jains, Buddhist and Hindus believe that the swastika brings good fortune. It brings luck and prosperity! The Jews have a bitter memory of the past, and the Germans had banned the use of the symbol after World War II. We cannot live with fear, resentment and anger for the rest of our lives! Yes, it was the most horrific time for those who lost their lives in the war, but times have changed.

There is still controversy and suspicion around this symbol, but it is time to embrace it with open arms. Respecting each other’s culture should be responsibility and a feeling that should induce naturally. So, embrace the symbol and believe in its power because the Eastern Cultures consider it powerful and positive.