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    We are German historians fascinated by the swastika. The swastika was a symbol of great historical significance as can be seen from its association with some ancient religions and cultures. It is one of the most enduring symbols, which is why we find it so interesting.


    We are committed to providing you with all the historical facts concerning the use of the swastika.

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    Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism have used the swastika up until the present day because they recognize its true meaning.

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About Us

We are German historians fascinated by the swastika. The swastika was a symbol of great historical significance as can be seen from its association with some ancient religions and cultures. It is one of the most enduring symbols, which is why we find it so interesting. The swastika is a Sanskrit name meaning “good luck” or “good fortune” but in recent times, the positivity surrounding the symbol has been lost.

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Uses Of The Swastika

Political Symbol

Adolf Hitler settled for the swastika – because it was considered a sign of racial purity.


The swastika is a religious symbol adopted by Hinduism because of its positive significance.

Recognition Symbol

There was a time in our history that was characterized by battles and territories.

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“The swastika, like its name implies, is a symbol of good fortune.
We believe that if it was truly as it is currently portrayed, it would not have survived for over five thousand years.”

How It Transformed From Good To Evil

How The Swastika Became A Symbol Of Evil

The swastika had been in use for at least five thousand years before Adolf Hitler adopted it for the design of the Nazi flag. Some people are still wondering if the swastika symbol used by the ancient Indians was the same as the one used by Hitler. Some claim there are two different symbols, with the Hitler version being inverted and twisted out of shape. Well, they are the same symbol.

Why Germans Were Swayed By The Swastika

The use of the swastika by the Germans was strengthened by the work of a 19th-century German scholar who noticed similarities between German language and Sanskrit through the translation of old Indian texts. They came to a conclusion that Germans and Indians must have shared a common ancestry. Furthermore, they imagined a race of white warriors that were god-like, which they called the Aryans.

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